Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Little Friend

I have not worked so hard on my shop items lately.

But instead, I have been working on the projects that had been promised to my daughters' friends, my personal projects, and maybe some birthday presents.

I have been putting off those things that I said I would make for my daughters' friends, but I will be starting school in a week and thought it would be important to clear the list before my sewing machine and craft box are put away.

So far, I have made a messenger bag with Japanese cartoon theme (I am not crazy about cartoon character stuff, but kids seem to love them) and a tutu for a friend.

Then, I received an invitation for a 3 year old girl's birthday party a week ago. After making a tutu for a friend, I decided to polish my tutu making skill even more by making a tutu for this birthday girl. After searching for a better methods online, this one seems to be the best so far.
Also, I looked many handmade tutus online, at Saturday Market, and toy stores to see how they are made. With this link and some additional secret that I found, this tutu for the birthday girl is my best so far.

And, then I decided to make a craft/cooking apron for her, too. I already had a precut fabric for kids' size apron since I was planning on making them. Then decided to make it a reversible. Neck length adjustable with the double ring, and one side has a pocket.

A few more things on my list and one more week to finish them.
The most important one would be my oldest daughter's halloween costume. The others were for personal use which I have been wanting to try but putting off such as aprons and skirts.

I will see if one week would be enough...

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